Health and Safety Policy Templates

Download a range of Health and Safety Policy templates for various industries.

Company Health and Safety Policies are a legal requirement and are usually requested by various clients and organisations that you may carry out work for or be in their supply chain. 

All documents are in Microsoft Word™ format and are available for instant download. All of our health and safety documents can be previewed in full prior to purchase.

There are various elements that should be included in a company health and safety policy, although these will differ by industry:

- Employee health and safety Codes of Practice

- Reporting arrangements for H&S issues

- Emergency procedures

- Risk assessment procedures

- First aid procedures

- COSHH assessments and procedures

- Machinery safety and maintenance procedures

- PPE usage

- Provision of welfare procedures

- Food hygiene procedures

- H&S training and induction procedures

- Smoking, alcohol, and drugs procedures

- Traffic management policy

- Safety of contractors and visitors

Health and safety policies are written statements that set out an assurance of and approaches to safety in the workplace. H&S policies outline how an employer ensures the health and safety of their employees and visitors, including clearly stating who is responsible for particular actions, how that person should carry out the action, and when. 

If you have five or more employees, you should create a H&S policy.


Our H&S Policies, on average, cost £85, but the benefits of having a quality company health and safety policy are invaluable. Make sure to provide your employees and stakeholders with a clear and concise health and safety policy that accounts for risks in their workplace, and works to minimise the chances of them happening.

The law states that every business must have a health and safety policy that details how the employer plans to manage the health and safety of employees, contractors, and visitors. If a business has five or more employees, this policy must be written down and made available to employees.

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