Equal Pay

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HSE Docs Equal Pay and Minimum Wage Statement

HSE Docs is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to ensuring that all staff should be treated equally, with out discrimination, and in accordance with their protected characteristics.

HSE Docs understands that the right to equal pay between women and men is a legal requirement and we strongly believe in people getting the same pay for the same work, regardless of peoples protected characteristics, and we prohibit any less favourable treatment between men and women in terms of pay and conditions of employment.

We believe equal payment scales are justified if work carried out by one person is the same, or broadly the same, as another employee, or is of equal value (in terms of effort, skill, decision, and similar demands), or that the work carried out is rated (by a job evaluation study) the same as that of the other employee.

Any differences in pay, regardless of gender or protected characteristics where the difference in pay is genuinely due to a material factor and not difference in gender falls outside the remit of the above statement.

Regarding minimum wage, HSE Docs follow the National Minimum Wage guidelines as set out in the UK governments minimum wage calculator based on age and apprenticeship status.

This Equal Pay Statement was approved by the owners of HSE Docs on 02-11-2022

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