Company Health and Safety Policy - CARE HOME

Care Home Health and Safety Policy


This Company Health and Safety Policy for Care Homes fulfils all your legal obligations and is acknowledged by local authorities. The policy is designed to be user-friendly, with information presented in smaller sections. It covers everything from the policy statement to the organisation's management, listing the roles and responsibilities for Health and Safety.

You have a fully editable Word™ document that you can use to tailor the care home health and safety policy to meet your specific requirements. It's designed to be user-friendly, requiring only basic information such as your company name, date, and signature. Once you've entered this information, your document will be ready to use, empowering you to ensure your employees' safety easily.

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If your business has five or more employees, including company owners, directors, and subcontractors, it is mandatory to have a written Company Health and Safety Policy in place. As for care homes, we have a tailored policy document that provides guidelines on the necessary steps and measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of residents, patients, and staff.

The policy reflects your commitment to providing a safe and secure working environment for your employees and visitors. It outlines the procedures and protocols to be followed in an emergency or accident. Additionally, it includes other commitments, such as environmental issues and equality and diversity statements.

We recognise each business's uniqueness, and our policies are designed with this in mind. We have other policy documents available on our website for businesses operating in different sectors. These policies are not rigid templates but adaptable frameworks that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your business complies with the latest health and safety regulations.

As an employer, you hold a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in your company. It is your duty to establish and enforce proper health and safety policies, procedures, and guidelines that everyone must adhere to. By doing so, you can foster a work environment that is not only safe and healthy but also conducive to productivity. This document serves as a comprehensive guide, outlining your general approach to health and safety, and the specific responsibilities of all individuals involved in the workplace.

HSEDocs has developed this comprehensive Company Health and Safety Policy that is tailored explicitly for care homes. This detailed document outlines the safety management structure of a care home and the roles and responsibilities of both employees and employers. It provides clear guidelines for safe working practices and ensures that specific procedures are in place for accident reporting, manual handling, and first aid. This policy statement is ideal for construction companies undertaking new build or refurbishment work and covers all trades from groundwork to painting.

This document is a comprehensive policy guide for care homes, providing guidelines and protocols for everyone involved, from the management team to care workers, cleaners, and office personnel. It aims to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals within the care home and outlines the responsibilities and expectations of each member.



1 Organisations responsible persons and acceptance signature. (Listed on cover page)


2 Policy Statements

2.01      Health and safety policy statement
2.02      Food safety policy statement
2.03      Risk assessment policy statement
2.04      Environmental policy statement
2.05      Equal opportunities policy statement


3 Organisation

3.01 Safety management structure
3.02 Employers responsibilities
3.03 Employees responsibilities
3.04 Information for employees


4 Employee information and safe working practices

4.01  Accident reporting procedure
4.02  Administration and recording of medicines
4.03  Alcohol and drugs
4.04  Bathing residents
4.05  Bedrail entrapment
4.06  Biohazards
4.07  Clean and disinfect food areas
4.08  COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health)
4.09  Cross contamination from food preparation
4.10  Cross contamination from food storage
4.11  Damaging knee (from kneeling)
4.12  Desk work. Musculoskeletal injuries and posture fatigue
4.13  Desk work. RSI (Repetitive strain injuries)
4.14  Disciplinary rules
4.15  DSE (Display screen equipment)
4.16  Electricity
4.17  Falls from heights (hop ups)
4.18  Falls from heights (Kick step)
4.19  Falls from heights (Step ladder)
4.20  Fire/explosion
4.21  First aid procedures
4.22  Food safety and hand washing
4.23  Food safety and personal hygiene
4.24  General kitchen safety
4.25  Hot foods and/or liquids
4.26  Manual handling
4.27  Noise for dementia patients
4.28  Objects falls from height
4.29  Office equipment
4.30  Refuse and food waste
4.31  RSI (Repetitive strain injuries)
4.32  Safety signs
4.33  Slip, trips and falls
4.34  Struck by objects
4.35  Training
4.36  Vehicles
4.37  Violence
4.38  Welfare facilities



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