Free Equality and diversity poster

So many Equality and diversity posters are available that cover specific protected characteristics such as Gender, Age, Religion, or belief. Most of these posters are simple images and phrases that draw people’s attention to one of the protected characteristics.

We’ve designed our Equality and Diversity Poster to reflect our message through the image of the scales of justice which are equally balanced by having people of different genders and ethnic backgrounds on either side.

The poster features a map of the UK to indicate that Equality and Diversity are national concerns and not just related to the working environment.

The final image on our Equality and Diversity Poster is a legal scroll showing that the 2010 Equality Act was an Act of parliament.

The text informs people that previous Acts and regulations have been harmonised in the single 2010 Equality Act, that we are all equal, and that discrimination is not acceptable, while diversity should be celebrated.

You can download and print off this free Equality and Diversity Poster today to use at your workplace.

Our Equality and Diversity Poster is no substitute for adequate training, but it serves as a great reminder of the key points of the 2010 Equality Act.

If you want staff training and gaining our Equality and Diversity Certificate, please follow THIS LINK to learn more.



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