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All the RAMS a painting and decorating company needs in a single comprehensive document. A complete health and safety package for just £65.00.

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What's in the painting and decorating H&S pack?

This package contains 19 documents covering most aspects of H&S you require based on our professional experience, and our customers download trends. The documents have been compiled into a single electronic package that is simple to use and edit as it’s in docx format, meaning it can be edited in Word™ or a the processor of your choice.

It’s an instant download, so once you’ve bought it you can add your company details and logo, then it’s good to go. If you wanted to take things a step further you could add background photographs of finished jobs and brand the document to match your letterheads and other company documents.

A bonus of buying a HSEDocs RAMS package is that it allows you to display the "Health & Safety Gold Standard Award" on your website. Letting clients, customers and contractors know that your painting and decorating H&S is current and up to date. Not only will your RAMS be current and up to date but they will stay that way because as H&S changes we update this package at no charge to reflect new trends and laws.

You buy these RAMS once and it's yours for life to download as often as you need and each download will always be the most up to date version.

To see the table of contents for this package please scroll down.

HSEDocs believe that the core principal of any business is offering value for money, and if you bought these documents individually they would cost you over £160.00. Today you can have these painting and decorating documents for better than half price at just £65.00, and for this you get a comprehensive 63 page H&S package written by professionals.

This document is:

  • Recognised by local authorities
  • Recognised by principal contractors
  • Suitable for CDM sites
  • Approved by H&S managers

We believe that value for money isn’t about getting something on the cheap, it’s about getting good quality at the right price and this package ticks all the right boxes. Our customers feedback are a testimony to our success.

Traditionally painters were exposed to many harsh chemicals in their routine working life, as well as asbestos containing materials and silica that are part of the fabric of many buildings. Over the last 20 years or so the technology in the paint industry has seen a shift to water based and less hazardous products, as well as less hazardous cleaners and thinners.

As a result of past long term use of hazardous substances, the death rate among painters from lung and bladder cancer stands at about 335 a year. Unfortunately, there is insufficient evidence to correctly identify specifically, which products caused the reported cancers

If we move on from occupational diseases and look at site accidents we find that roofing, and painting and decorating are particularly high risk trades within the construction sector for falls from height, with most of the falls been off ladders.

Alongside this we have same level slips, trips and falls, eye injuries and musculoskeletal injuries.

Legal requirements are a company H&S policy if you employ more than five people, Risk assessments for all tasks carried out and COSHH assessments for all substances used. Method statements, training records, and policies such as equality and diversity are not a legal requirement, but are often requested by principal contractors or CDM management teams.

In this H&S package there are risk assessments, method statements and COSHH assessments but no company health and safety policy because this is a stand alone document and not part of the RAMS.

The reason a company H&S policy is different from RAMS is because RAMS cover site specific risks that relate to a specific job or contract, and a company H&S policy deals with the company structure and how the company manages health and safety.

Training can sometimes be as simple as telling someone something. Passing information from one person to another, so that both people know the same rules. It could also be a toolbox talk, a training meeting, an online course, a training video or site demonstration.

There are many ways to get messages across, and if safer working practices are introduced, the people carrying out the work should be trained or informed before they begin the task.

If you had a contract to paint 500 houses blue and all the painters were issued with litres of blue paint, then the architect changed the colour to white, it would be a high priority to get in touch with all the painters and let them know about the new colour.

The same sense of urgency should be employed if new control measures or different working practices are introduced. If a new hazard has been identified but the people carrying out the work are unaware and have an accident, liability falls firmly at the feet of the employer.

Table of contents for painting and decorating package

Risk assessments for:

  • 01) internal painting and decorating works
  • 02) external painting and decorating works
  • 03) Risk awareness for areas where asbestos could potentially be discovered

Method statements for:

  • 04) hanging wallpaper
  • 05) painting
  • 06) airless paint spraying (Water based)

COSHH assessments for:

  • 07) decorators caulk
  • 08) eggshell finished paint – oil based
  • 09) exterior undercoat – oil based
  • 10) high gloss – oil based
  • 11) metal primer – zinc phosphate
  • 12) quick drying gloss – water based
  • 13) quick drying primer and undercoat – water based
  • 14) silicone sealant
  • 15) thinners
  • 16) white spirit
  • 17) vinyl matt emulsion
  • 18) vinyl silk emulsion
  • 19) vinyl soft sheen emulsion



  • Available in Word™
  • Fully customisable
  • Add your Company Logo
  • UK & EU Compliant

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