Free Manual Handling Poster

Download our free manual handling poster today to raise health and safety awareness in your workplace.

There are many Manual Handling posters out there, with most of them concentrating on correct posture and lifting technique.

We’ve used pictograms on our free Manual Handling Poster to show the safest way to raise a load, as well trying to make reader think of some key points that can prevent injury and make them think before carrying out a manual handling operation.

Some key points that we cover are:

  1. That manual handling doesn’t cause injuries, only incorrect manual handling.
  2. There is no safe or maximum weight that a person can lift. It is down to the individual who should ask for help or lifting aids as required.
  3. People capabilities vary and although it is recognised that the average woman can manage a 16KG load when close to her body, she can only raise a 3KG load if it above her head and her arms are outstretched.

Our Manual Handling Poster is no substitute for adequate training, but it serves as a great reminder of some key points that keep people safe.

If you are interested in having staff trained and gaining our free Manual Handling Certificate, please follow THIS LINK to learn more.



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