Maintenance and service of central heating system method statement

This method statement for servicing a central heating system is available as an instant download. At the top of the first page, you can enter your company name and project details, and at the bottom, you can sign, print, and date it.

It couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve entered your details, you’re good to go.

You make the document specific to your needs by inserting your company name, logo, contact details, site address, etc.…

The method statement becomes part of your branded H&S package.

The method statement is:

  • Recognised by local authorities
  • Recognised by principal contractors
  • Suitable for CDM sites
  • Approved by H&S managers

It increases your chance of winning tenders and has been written by trained health and safety professionals.

If the method statement needs altering to include an additional task, such as:

          “Ensure you sign and date the site register in the welfare facilities before commencing work.”

It can easily be added as the document comes in Word™, not PDF.

Once you buy and download this document, it’s yours for life to use repeatedly.

A sample from this document reads.

  1. Before works commencing a drop test should be carried out as well as a function test to all relevant gas appliances.
  2. Rectify any leaks or repairs as necessary and confirm safe installation by conducting a successful drop test.
  3. Visually inspect the boiler and flue.
  4. Check timers, controls and safety devices.
  5. Check boiler casing and fittings for any decay, damage or signs of leaks.
  6. Switch on the system, bring it to the average operating temperature and check flow and return temperatures.
  7. Bleed and balance system as required.



  • Available in Word™
  • Fully customisable
  • Add your Company Logo
  • UK & EU Compliant

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