Working at height Risk Assessment

A comprehensive Risk Assessment for working at heights, covering potential hazards, people at risk, how actions are already in place and further action if required.

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Some sample text from this document reads:

''Falling from height (ladders)'

• Serious or fatal injury could occur if a worker falls from a height.

• Non-access ladders should be used in conjunction with ladder stays, a securing device or a person footing the ladder

• Access ladders should be extended one metre above the platform

• Ladders in good condition, placed on a firm surface, and have a pre-use check before use and a thorough visual check every six months

• Ladder is used at the correct angle of 1 in 4 or 75°

• Avoid overreaching and ensure that the belt buckle remains between the ladder stiles at all times with both feet on the same rung

• Managers to conduct toolbox talk on working at heights before work commencing



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