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What's in the carpet fitting H&S package?

Based on our professional experience and our customers download trends, we’ve compiled 8 documents into a single H&S package for carpet fitters. There are COSHH and risk assessments as well as the relevant method statements, and buying these RAMS allows you to display the "Health & Safety Gold Standard Award". Letting clients, customers and contractors know that your H&S is current and up to date. Not only will your RAMS be current and up to date but they will stay that way because as H&S changes we update this package to reflect new trends and laws.

Please scroll down below to see the full table of contents.

Buying these documents as a package saves you over £35.00 on the list price and it comes with ease of use in mind as it’s a download in docx format. This allows you to add your logo and company details to the cover page using Word™ or the processor of your choice, then the documents good to go.

It will increase your chance of winning tenders and has been written by trained health and safety professionals which makes it:

  • Recognised by local authorities
  • Recognised by principal contractors
  • Suitable for CDM sites
  • Approved by H&S managers

Our customers feedback are a testimony to the value of our products.

Carpet fitting is considered a safer trade than most sectors in the construction industry as there is very little work at height and most asbestos containing materials such as floor tiles and floor adhesives are considered a lower risk than aertex, asbestos insulation and cement based products.

Slips, trips and falls at the same level and manual handling injuries are significant hazards, with cuts and grazes from knife blades and carpet grippers also being common.

Musculoskeletal complaints from carryout manual tasks such as using knee kickers and low level working positions can occur and the risk of occupational diseases including dermatitis from chemical contact and respiratory disease from dust inhalation are relatively common.

Although RSIs, hearing loss and vision impairment are a risk from using power tools, the average time a carpet fitter spends using these is relatively low.

The rule of thumb for H&S requested by principal contractors is often be expanded to areas such as lone worker policies or equality and diversity policies which we don’t include in this RAMS pack.

Additionally if you employ over 4 people you will need a company H&S policy by law. Again this is not included in this package, and this is because this policy is not specific to H&S for any particular contract, instead it is a general policy that sets out how your company manages H&S and who is responsible for what.

The core documents that are needed are:

Risk assessments: These are documents are a legal requirement, and assess a task for potential hazards and the likelihood of them occurring. If risks are found then control measures are documented that either eliminate the risks or bring them down to acceptable levels.

Method statements: These are not required by law, but usually need to be provided at a principal contractors behest and they list the order of works and any safe working practices that need to be followed.

COSHH assessments: These are a legal requirement and show the work exposure limit, hazards to health and environment, first aid and fire fighting measures of substances that are used or that people may come into contact with in the workplace.

There are several formal training options including, sending staff to a training centre, having training providers run courses at your premises or using online training courses. These options are useful for courses such a manual handling and slips, trips and falls which are relevant to your trade.

The less formal training though often proves the most useful for specific sites as you can impart site rules, safe working practices and what is expected if staff on particular sites. To get these messages across you can use toolbox talks, safety fliers and posters or site inductions.

Table of contents for carpet fitters package:

Risk assessments for:

  • 01) carpet fitting
  • 02) Risk awareness for areas where asbestos could potentially be discovered

Method statements for:

  • 03) carpet fitting

COSHH assessments for:

  • 04) spray contact adhesive
  • 05) carpet jointing tape
  • 06) floor adhesive acrylic
  • 07) latex screed
  • 08) silicone sealant



  • Available in Word™
  • Fully customisable
  • Add your Company Logo
  • UK & EU Compliant

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