Construction company health and safety policy

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If you are a construction company and have fewer than five employees including company owners or directors, you don’t have to have a Company Health and Safety Policy in place. However, most CDM sites, principal contractors and local authorities won’t consider using any construction company that doesn’t have their own Company Health and Safety Policy. Furthermore, policies have to be fit for purpose and tick all the boxes.

This Company Health and Safety Policy is for construction companies and is approved by local authorities, principal contractors and H&S managers.

It’s purely for construction companies, so if you’re running a TV repair shop it’s of no use to you. Other policies that we have on this site including one specifically for mechanical and electrical can be found here.

This policy is suitable for construction companies that carry out new build or refurb works, and covers all trades from groundworks to painting. Although it is primarily a health and safety policy for construction companies, it doesn’t just cover tradesmen. It covers everyone in the organisation including management, cleaners and office staff. We’ve added the contents of the policy towards the bottom of this page so that you can see how comprehensive the document is.

The policy is not just designed to tick the right boxes for the contractors that you’ll be working for, it’s also designed for ease of use. Many policy documents require extensive signatures, alterations and amendments to personalise them to a specific company or a specific contract that has been awarded.

We are more than aware that a policy has to be user friendly for all concerned and as such we’ve created a single cover sheet where you enter your company name, date, signature and a few other bits and you're good to go.

You’ll see from the table of contents below that it's a full and comprehensive document that covers the organisations safety management structure setting out both the employees and employers responsibilities.

It also lists the safe working practices and includes such things as the accident reporting procedure, manual handling and first aid procedures.

One of the main reasons that construction company health and safety policies are requested is to show that a prospective sub-contractor is committed to health and safety and is proactive in their approach.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from using health and safety experts that bring you the documents that you need as an online service. Giving you the best documents at the best price.

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Here’s the table of contents showing what’s covered in the construction company health and safety policy.

As with all our documents this company health and safety policy is in Word™ format and is available for instant download.


1 Organisations responsible persons and acceptance signature. (Listed on cover page)

2 Policy Statements

2.01    Health and safety policy statement
2.02    Risk assessment policy statement
2.03    Environmental policy statement
2.04    Equal opportunities policy statement

3 Organisation

3.01    Safety management structure
3.02    Employers responsibilities
3.03    Employees responsibilities
3.04    Information for employees
3.05    Designated responsibilities

4 Safe working practices

4.01     Accident reporting procedure
4.02     Alcohol and drugs
4.03     CDM (Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015)
4.04     Confined Spaces
4.05     COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health)
4.06     Damaging knee (from kneeling)        
4.07     Desk work. Musculoskeletal injuries and posture fatigue
4.08     Desk work. RSI (Repetitive strain injuries)
4.09     Disciplinary rules
4.10     DSE (Display screen equipment)
4.11     Electrical installations
4.12     Electricity
4.13     Falls from heights (hop ups)
4.14     Falls from heights (Kick step)
4.15     Falls from heights (Step ladder)
4.16     Fire/explosion
4.17     First aid procedures
4.18     Hand arm vibration
4.19     Manual handling
4.20     Noise
4.21     Objects falls from height
4.22     Office equipment
4.23     Permits to work
4.24     PPE (Personal protective equipment)
4.25     RSI (Repetitive strain injuries)
4.26     Safety signs
4.27     Slip, trips and falls
4.28     Struck by objects
4.29     Training
4.30     Vehicles
4.31     Waste management
4.32     Welfare facilities
4.33     Work equipment
4.34     Working at height
4.35     Young persons



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