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Table of contents for M&E package

Risk assessments for:

  • 01) 1st and 2nd fix plumbing and electric works
  • 02) Risk awareness for areas where asbestos could potentially be discovered

Method statements for:

  • 03) Removing a bathroom suite
  • 04) Fitting bathroom suite
  • 05) General plumbing works, pipe connections, transport and storage
  • 06) Rainwater goods
  • 07) Underground drainage
  • 08) Rewires, maintenance and new installations

COSHH assessments for:

  • 09) Fernox central heating cleaner
  • 10) Lead free solder
  • 11) Lead solder
  • 12) Silicone sealant
  • 13) Flux paste
  • 14) Solvent cement
  • 15) Decorator’s caulk
  • 16) Dust
  • 17) Expanding foam
  • 18) Expanding foam (fire rated)

Our mechanical and electrical H&S package is a compilation of 18 comprehensive documents covering various health and safety aspects. These documents are based on our professional experience and customers' download trends. The complete set of M&E health & safety documents is available for instant electronic download as a package. By purchasing this package, you can showcase the "Health & Safety Gold Standard Award" on your website, informing your clients, customers, and contractors that your H&S is current and current. Our team regularly updates these documents on the latest trends and laws to ensure that they remain current. By investing in this package, you can rest assured that your H&S documentation will always remain relevant and up-to-date.

You buy the package once, and it's yours for life to download as often as you need, and each download will always be the most up-to-date version.

The M&E health and safety package is:

  • Recognised by local authorities.
  • Recognised by principal contractors.
  • Suitable for CDM sites.
  • Approved by H&S managers.
  • It‘s a comprehensive professional document that will increase your chance of winning tenders and has been written by trained health and safety professionals.

This comprehensive package includes 18 high-quality documents that are available for individual purchase at a cost of over £160. However, by purchasing the H&S package, you can save a significant amount of money. The best part is that you will have access to these documents for the rest of your life, allowing you to use them repeatedly. You can also modify, edit, and customize them to suit different contracts and situations, making this package an excellent investment for your personal and professional needs.

This pre-built health and safety package is a practical and affordable solution for M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) companies that require a customised solution. The actual value of this package lies not only in its cost-effectiveness but also in the comprehensive range of tailored health and safety measures that it provides. Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of M&E companies, this package is an ideal choice for those who want to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees while minimising costs and maximising efficiency.

Ensuring health and safety in the workplace involves much more than just preparing the necessary documents. It is about identifying potential risks and hazards and implementing safe practices to mitigate them. While creating Health and Safety (H&S) Documents is an essential part of the process as it helps identify hazards and risks associated with specific tasks, it is merely the first step towards a safer work environment. Ultimately, what matters most is effectively communicating the information in these documents to the workers carrying out the tasks. This involves providing clear instructions, comprehensive training, and enforcing safe working practices. By doing so, we can ensure that our staff remains protected and our workplace environment remains safe and secure.

Asbestos exposure is a common risk for M&E tradespeople. This often happens when they work on properties without an asbestos register. Asbestos-containing materials can also be hard to spot since they may have been painted or over-clad. Other common risks for tradespeople include falls from heights, slips, trips, and manual handling incidents.

Plumbers are regularly exposed to dangerous substances, including human waste, biohazards, mould, and chemicals. Using a percussion drill in a confined space without carpets or furniture to absorb the sound can cause hearing loss.

Hand and eye damage is always a risk, as well as burns and smoke inhalation when carrying out hot work.

Like all companies in the construction industry, M&E companies are required to comply with various government Acts and regulations. In addition to these mandatory rules, there are also voluntary regulations that may be enforced by principal contractors or management teams of CDM sites.

Risk assessments are the primary legal requirement for every task a company carries out and are seen to be incredibly important in the construction industry due to the high accident rate. The company carrying out work is responsible for the safety of employees and anybody else affected by the work, so assessing a task for risks is essential. If potential risks are found, it is necessary to introduce safe working practices and control measures to eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level. Failure to do this means an employer has failed in their legal duty of care and would be responsible for any injuries a person might suffer while carrying out a task.

Company H&S policies are a legal requirement if a company employs five or more people. However, regardless of the company's size, most principal contractors won't let another company be on their approved supply list without this policy.

Method statements that list how to carry out a task using safe working practices are not legal but are usually mandatory when employed by larger companies.

COSHH assessments are a legal requirement, and all substances at the workplace should have the relevant product data sheet used to create these assessments before use.

Providing training and instructions to employees is not only a best practice but a legal requirement. It is crucial for ensuring the safety of workers, just as new drivers need instruction on how to operate a car safely. Similarly, in the workplace, if an employee is required to use a ladder but hasn't received proper safety training, it begs the question - why would an employer allow their workers to engage in risky tasks without appropriate instruction?

Training has become cost-effective and easy to manage due to the availability of online courses, and the four courses that all construction workers should take are:

  • Slips, trips and falls.
  • Working at height.
  • Manual handling.
  • Asbestos awareness.

Instruction is as essential as training and is often as simple as reiterating company policy and safe working practices to staff and ensuring that they know any risks that have been identified and the control measures introduced to create safe working practices.

Instruction is the best way to get staff to know and follow the information in method statements and risk assessments.



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