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Manual Handling Training: Essential for Safe Workplaces

Slips, trips, and falls on the same level account for over 30% of all work-related injuries, followed closely by injuries involving handling, lifting, or carrying, known as manual handling. Therefore, the significance of manual handling training cannot be overstated in ensuring safe workplaces. Manual handling encompasses the moving, lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling of objects by hand or bodily force. It's important to note that manual handling training isn't just about lifting a box safely using your legs and keeping a straight back. It encompasses a wide range of activities, such as lifting a new box of paper for the office printer, pushing a wheelbarrow, mixing concrete, and using a pallet truck, among other tasks.

Training a person to stack shelves or use a wheelbarrow correctly is impossible online because every work environment is unique, and what applies to one situation may not be relevant in another. So, manual handling training focuses on understanding the mechanics of the body and the safest methods for handling objects. It's about understanding your body's limitations and vulnerabilities and how to prevent injuries by adopting safe handling practices. This includes techniques such as carrying a load close to the torso to minimise strain and lifting a load with a straight back to reduce the risk of injury. You have the power to protect yourself and others in your workplace.