When it comes to keeping employers and visitors safe in a workplace environment, there are a variety of documents available to cover your company so that you can fulfill health and safety regulations. That said, it can be difficult to determine which is relevant. This is why the question of whether a COSHH evaluation is the same as a risk assessment is so frequently raised.

So, are COSHH assessment and risk assessments the same? Simply said, COSHH assessments are not the same as risk assessments. They each demand a separate approach, that said they both aim to lower the risk of workplace injury.

To discover more about each and to assess which would be more beneficial for you and your company, continue reading.

Is a COSHH Assessment the same as a Risk Assessment?

Simply said COSHH assessments are not the same as risk assessments. They each demand a separate approach, that said they both aim to lower the risk of workplace injury.

A COSSH assessment will identify potentially hazardous substances in the workplace, whereas a risk assessment will identify the injuries caused by the hazard, and how to avoid this hazard in the future.

Both COSHH assessments and risk assessments are typically associated with specific trades like construction, plumbing, or electrical work, but they are documents that are considered as a legal requirement for businesses to fulfill health and safety regulations at work

In this article, we are going to explain and contrast the two so it is easier to identify which will be more beneficial for your company.

What is a COSHH Assessment?

A COSHH assessment is a health and safety document specifically relating to a single substance. Typically a COSHH assessment is associated with any cleaning products that are used in the workplace. COSHH assessments inform individuals about the risks of a substance and what PPE to wear to decrease the risk of contact or exposure, but they also inform individuals of the appropriate way to dispose of a substance and what to do if something goes wrong.

What’s Included in a COSHH Assessment?

We have discussed below what is included in a COSHH assessment to demonstrate what’s actually assessed during a COSHH assessment and how this is different from a risk assessment. The depth of a COSHH assessment will depend on how many hazardous substances that your business uses.

● The substance/material/product

● The suppliers/manufacturers address and phone number

● Any hazardous contents or ingredients

● If there is a workplace exposure limit and, if so, what it's set at

● Where the product is used

● How the product is used

● Product hazard levels

What is a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is a legally mandated process that ensures a company complies with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations. This protects employers from dangerous situations that are likely to occur within the workplace and protects any visitors. There will be a more in-depth risk assessment for companies where there are greater risks.

A risk assessment entails determining which hazards are present in a workplace. A company can take action based on how to prevent these hazards by identifying these risks.

What’s Included in a Risk Assessment?

We've included a few steps an employer can take to complete a risk assessment below, however, these are only the fundamental steps of a basic risk assessment. If there are greater and more serious hazards, a much more comprehensive risk assessment will be required.

● Identifying hazards to one's health and safety;

● Determining who may be hurt and how

● Ensuring any preventive measures are effective

● Taking notes on the finding

● The assessment should be reviewed on a regular basis and revised as needed, especially if the building is refurbished, relocated, or there is a change in staffing.

COSHH and Risk Assessments at HSE Docs

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We are pleased to provide you with a number of COSHH evaluation solutions so that you can ensure any risk in the workplace is reduced. We are also happy to provide a variety of risk assessment documents that can be tailored to your specific sector. Our risk assessment collection is available here and then you can check out our COSHH assessment, documents, and templates here, or if your looking for some guidance feel free to give us a call so we can find s suitable assessment for you and your company