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Essentials Of Food Hygiene 10 Rules You Must Follow

Whether you are a baker selling cupcakes from home, a restaurant chain, or you own a food van, you must follow strict food hygiene rules when running your business. But what do these include? Our health and safety experts have outlined the essentials of food hygiene in 10 easy-to-follow rules.

So, what are the essentials of food hygiene? Follow these simple rules to maintain good levels of hygiene in your kitchen:

  1. Create a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan
  2. Date Label Your Food
  3. Review Food Contact Materials
  4. Keep Allergens Separate #
  5. Maintain Good Levels of Personal Hygiene
  6. Ensure Staff Are Fit to Work
  7. Store Food Correctly
  8. Keep Your Kitchen Clean
  9. Ensure Food is Properly Cooked
  10. Undertake Food Hygiene Training

Read on to find out ten essential food hygiene rules you must follow if you work in a busy kitchen or cafe, own a food truck, or run an at–home business.