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Common Manual Handling Risk Factors & How to Avoid Injury?

Jobs that include tasks which require manual handling come with an increased risk of injury. Most of these tasks cannot be avoided, but we can reduce the risk of injury from manual handling by understanding risk factors and how we can avoid injury. In this article, we discuss common manual handling risk factors, how you can avoid injury from them, as well as answering your most asked questions.

Q: What are the most common manual handling risk factors?

A: The most common risk factors for manual handling include:

  • Personal capabilities such as strength, heigh, underlying health conditions, or pregnancy
  • The environment, including tripping hazards, space available, and visibility when moving the object
  • The object itself including weight, shape, size, temperature, and how delicate it might be

Read on to find out more about why manual handling is considered to be dangerous when done without care, the risk factors involved and how to avoid injury when carrying out these tasks.

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