Festival Risk Assessment

A comprehensive risk assessment template for festivals, both large and small.

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If you want others to have confidence in your event organising company, download and buy the right documents today, including our festival risk assessment. The festival risk assessment template covers all of the risks that you could possibly encounter at this type of event, ensuring you meet HSE safety requirements. 

As with all our documents, our risk assessments come in Word™ format and are available for instant download and use, and you only need to buy them once. When you buy and download this document, it’s yours for life to use over and over again.

What Does a Festival Risk Assessment Include?

Our festival risk assessment covers alcohol, one of the biggest risks at a festival. People may lose their inhibitions, ability to judge distance, coordination and clarity of speech, so become a danger to themselves and others. To combat this, you may need to put a few rules in place:

  • Event attendees are not to bring their own alcohol
  • Bar to be supplied and staffed by an approved operator
  • Event attendees under the influence of alcohol are not to be served
  • Event attendees must provide proof of age before being served if asked
  • Glass and bottle collection is to be carried out at regular intervals

Our risk assessment also covers heavy electrical equipment, weather, and other important factors to consider.

Festival Risk Assessment FAQs

What Are the Risk Factors at Festivals?

Festivals are more risky than you might think. We’ve outlined some of the most severe risks below, which include but are not limited to:

  • Dehydration
  • Underage drinking
  • Heavy equipment
  • Electrical faults
  • Unsafe food & drink
  • Natural events / severe weather 
  • Large uncontrolled crowds

A festival risk assessment is a great way to ensure that you cover all areas that may contain a risk.

How Do You Do a Risk Assessment at a Festival?

To complete your assessment, first download our festival risk assessment template. This will tell you all of the key areas to review. Look into each section and make a note of: 

  • The hazard identified
  • The risks associated with the hazard
  • How you will minimise the risk
  • How you will review & maintain the control measures in place

For more information, read one of our recent blogs: How to Write a Risk Assessment

How Often Should You Conduct a Festival Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment should be completed at least once per year, however, in the festival & events space, you should complete one every time you hold a new event. This is because risks are likely to have changed from festival to festival, so the risks and steps to reduce that risks are likely to have changed.



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