Company Health and Safety Policy - ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL

Company Health and Safety Policy for electrical works

Our team of health and safety specialists has meticulously crafted a Company Health and Safety Policy tailored to mechanical and electrical contractors. If you're in the M&E field and looking to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees and fulfil your legal obligations, this policy is a must-have. Purchase it today and use it immediately to create a safer and more secure workplace.

If you own a small business under five employees, you may not be legally obligated to have a Company Health and Safety Policy. However, it is essential to remember that many CDM sites, principal contractors, and local authorities might not hire Mechanical & Electrical companies that do not have their own Company Health and Safety Policy. You might lose out on potential projects and business opportunities if you do not have one. Therefore, creating and maintaining a robust Company Health and Safety Policy is advisable to ensure that your business remains compliant with safety regulations and standards.

Our fully editable template is designed to save you time and effort in personalising health and safety policies for specific companies or contracts. With this template, you can reduce the need for extensive signatures, alterations, and amendments that can be time-consuming and complex. Our health and safety policy is available in Word™ and can be downloaded instantly, providing a reliable and efficient solution for your documentation needs.

Our health and safety experts have created each document to give you peace of mind that you are legally compliant without breaking the bank. We’re on hand to help - contact our team if you have any questions.

As you can see from the contents table below, our health & safety policy for M&E is a full and comprehensive document that covers safety management structure; setting out both the employee’s and employer’s responsibilities.

It also lists  safe working practices and includes such things as the accident reporting procedure, manual handling and first aid procedures.

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This comprehensive Electrical Industry Health and Safety Policy is an ideal solution for all types of companies operating in the electrical and electrical contracting industries. The policy has been thoughtfully crafted by a team of experienced Health and Safety professionals to ensure that your organisation's health and safety policy meets the required standards cost-effectively. Your business needs to have a dependable health and safety policy, and this meticulously designed policy can help you achieve that goal. The document is easily downloadable and is in Microsoft Word format, enabling you to customise it per your specific requirements and add your company's logo and contact information. The price includes telephone support in case you need any assistance or advice after purchasing the policy, thus making it a reliable and user-friendly solution for your business.


1 Organisation responsible persons and acceptance signature. (Listed on the cover page)

2 Policy Statements

2.01    Health and safety policy statement
2.02    Risk assessment policy statement
2.03    Environmental policy statement
2.04    Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

3 Organisation

3.01    Safety management structure
3.02    Employers responsibilities
3.03    Employees responsibilities
3.04    Information for employees
3.05    Designated responsibilities

4 Safe working practices

4.01     Accident reporting procedure
4.02     Alcohol and drugs
4.03     CDM (Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015)
4.04     Confined Spaces
4.05     COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health)
4.06     Damaging knee (from kneeling)        
4.07     Desk work. Musculoskeletal injuries and posture fatigue
4.08     Desk work. RSI (Repetitive strain injuries)
4.09     Disciplinary rules
4.10     DSE (Display screen equipment)
4.11     Electrical installations
4.12     Electricity
4.13     Falls from heights (hop-ups)
4.14     Falls from heights (Kick step)
4.15     Falls from heights (Step ladder)
4.16     Fire/explosion
4.17     First aid procedures
4.18     Hand-arm vibration
4.19     Manual handling
4.20     Noise
4.21     Objects fall from height
4.22     Office equipment
4.23     Permits to work
4.24     PPE (Personal protective equipment)
4.25     RSI (Repetitive strain injuries)
4.26     Safety signs
4.27     Slip, trips and falls
4.28     Struck by objects
4.29     Training
4.30     Vehicles
4.31     Waste management
4.32     Welfare facilities
4.33     Work equipment
4.34     Working at height
4.35     Young persons



  • Available in Word™
  • Fully customisable
  • Add your Company Logo
  • UK & EU Compliant

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