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Table of contents for the groundworks package

Risk assessments for:

  • 01) General groundworks and fencing
  • 02) 180° and 360°excavators
  • 03) Risk awareness for areas where asbestos could potentially be discovered

Method statements for:

  • 04) Block paving
  • 05) Laying slabs
  • 06) Brick and blockwork
  • 07) Fencing
  • 08) Underground drainage
  • 09) Hedge cutting, strimming and lawn works
  • 10) Underpinning

COSHH assessments for:

  • 11) Brick and patio cleaner (Acid)
  • 12) Brick and patio cleaner (Eco)
  • 13) Cutting cement and bricks
  • 14) Cement
  • 15) Concrete hardener and sealer
  • 16) Glyphosate weed killer
  • 17) Hydrated lime
  • 18) Hydraulic lime
  • 19) Line marking paint
  • 20) Mortar plasticiser
  • 21) Petrol
  • 22) Two stroke oil

We have meticulously compiled a comprehensive package of 22 documents for our groundworks RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) based on our extensive professional experience and customers' download trends. This package is designed to be user-friendly and requires minimal input from you, making it an ideal solution for those who want to streamline creating and implementing a robust H&S plan.

The package is bundled into a single download. Also, it allows you to display the "Health & Safety Gold Standard Award" on your website, instantly signalling to your clients, customers, and contractors that your H&S plan is current and up-to-date.

With this package, you can rest assured that your RAMS will always be up-to-date because we update it regularly to reflect new trends and laws, free of charge. This means you only need to purchase the groundworks RAMS package once, and it's yours for life to download as often as you need, with each download being the most up-to-date version.

If you purchase these documents individually, it would cost you £189.00. However, today you can benefit from our special offer and get these documents for a better than half-price deal of just £85.00. All you need to do is add your company details to the first page, and your groundworks H&S package will be ready.

This document is:

  • Recognised by local authorities.
  • Recognised by principal contractors.
  • Suitable for CDM sites.
  • Approved by H&S managers.

By purchasing our comprehensive health and safety package for groundworks, you'll save over £110.00 on the list price. The package is an excellent value for money, offering a carefully crafted 78-page download in docx format. This comprehensive document can be edited in Word™ or any other processor of your choice, making it easy to customise according to your company's requirements. It includes expert guidance and advice written by trained health and safety professionals.

With this package, you'll have a powerful tool to help you maintain the highest health and safety standards in your groundwork projects. You can easily add your company logo or photographs of past jobs to the document, making it a part of your company's brand. You can use this package for free without charges and unlimited downloads. We are confident that this is the best health and safety package available for groundworks, designed to keep you and your team safe while providing top-notch guidance and advice.

Groundworks involves several high-risk hazards which pose a significant threat to the safety of ground workers. One of the most perilous hazards is trench or excavation collapse, which can lead to severe injuries or even death. Another potential danger is damage that may occur to buried services, which can cause significant harm to both people and property.

Among all the high-risk tasks involved in groundworks, excavators are the most responsible for fatalities, with an average of three deaths each year. These fatalities are caused mainly by a person being struck by the excavator bucket or arm, leading to severe injuries or even death.

However, the more common causes of accidents that groundworkers face are slips, trips, and falls on the same level, which can cause severe injuries. Falling from heights into trenches and excavations also poses significant risks, leading to severe injuries or even death. Other common injuries among groundworkers include manual handling, musculoskeletal injuries (particularly to knees), hearing loss, impact or crushing injuries (particularly to hands), and lung damage from silica dust.

To ensure the safety of groundworkers, health and safety measures should be designed to identify risks that can cause harm and implement control measures that either eliminate or significantly reduce the risk to an acceptable level. By doing so, we can ensure that the safety of groundworkers is not compromised and that they can work without fear of harm or injury.

RAMS, an acronym for 'risk assessments and method statements,' is a critical component of ensuring health and safety in the workplace. However, the meaning of RAMS has evolved. Nowadays, RAMS is expected to contain risk assessments and, method statements and any other health and safety documentation that a principal contractor may request, including COSHH assessments.

In essence, RAMS now encompasses all the documentation contained in a contractor's health and safety folder. The contents of this folder may vary depending on the principal contractor's preferences or the conditions that a contractor must meet to join an approved supplier list.

If your company has five or more employees, it is a legal requirement to have a health and safety policy. This policy must outline how your company intends to address health and safety issues and plans to manage health and safety within the organisation. The policy must be shared with or made available to all employees, and they must be informed of any updates or changes.

Employers are also required by law to carry out COSHH assessments for any substances used in the workplace. The COSHH and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require this. No substance should be used in the workplace without a COSHH assessment. Even seemingly harmless household products such as bleach or detergent are not exempt from this requirement, and it is the employer's responsibility to provide them.

Risk assessments are another legal requirement that employers must fulfil. Simply put, an employer must not ask an employee to carry out a task before assessing the risks and implementing control measures if any hazards are found. The control measures are implemented to eliminate or bring the risk down to an acceptable level. An employee has no right to put someone else in danger while in the workplace.

Although method statements are not a legal requirement, they are a requirement for every principal contractor we know of. These documents list the order of work and include safe working practices. Failure to submit method statements to principal contractors and CDM sites can result in your company being overlooked.

In summary, every organisation must have four main document types: method statements, risk assessments, COSHH assessments, and a company health and safety policy. Method statements, risk and COSHH assessments are collectively referred to as RAMS, while the company health and safety policy is a standalone document.

When a company submits its health and safety documents for a new project, it may receive multiple requests for additional details or documents. This can be a frustrating experience, particularly when the tradespeople have been working with the company for an extended period and are well-versed in the work. However, it is crucial not to give up on health and safety once the new project's requirements have been met.

Simply modifying the health and safety documents to meet the needs of the new contract is insufficient. Communicating any changes made to the documents to your staff is vital. This can be accomplished through various methods, such as toolbox talks, distributing flyers with the most recent amendments, providing working demonstrations, or offering online training courses. The goal is to ensure that your staff is informed of the safe use of new products and the appropriate way to perform new tasks. Doing so can maintain a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and avoid any potential accidents or incidents.



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