Online First Aid at Work Course.
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Course duration: Between 2 and 2 ½ hrs depending on learning speed.

Course format: Three video training modules, with a multiple-choice section at the end of each module.

On completion your training certificate is valid for three years and is recognised by local authorities and corporate employers throughout the UK.

All training certificates can be verified by employers or others to prove that they are genuine, by clicking Validate a Certificate and typing in the certificate number.

No online course will train you to become a fully qualified first aider as for this you would require classroom training with a minimum of 18 contact hours. What this training gives you is the status of an appointed person, allowing you to hold responsibility for first aid kits, equipment and facilities, being able to take charge in an emergency and assess the needs for emergency services.

Course Overview

The importance of first aid at work, can't be stressed enough. The correct initial assessment of a casualty or incident can save lives, and this online training will show candidates what needs to be done if a first aid situation arises. It will instruct them to have a systematic approach to all aspects of an incident, including recording the facts and accident reporting.

  • This first aid at work course, teaches the basic skills a first aider needs at work and is designed to show people the importance of thinking and assessing, so they are able to offer the best help to a casualty.
  • It gives a broad understanding of the role of a first aider at work, and instructs how to survey an incident including the Scene Survey, Primary Survey and Secondary Survey.
  • It explains when to call an ambulance or other emergency services, and the expected ambulance response times.
  • It defines RIDDOR is and how to assess, and what to do if an incident falls into this category.
  • It illustrates how to administer CPR and when and how to use the recovery position.
  • It instructs how to apply dressings and treat secondary injuries.
  • It describes on how to deal with minor illnesses and other secondary conditions, such as nose bleeds, dizziness and sprains and strains.
  • It advises what information to gather from the patient to pass to the emergency services if required.
  • It shows how to report accidents and the importance of accurate documentation.
  • This online training is suitable for candidates new to the world of first aid, or as a refresher course.

This awareness course is designed to help you manage incidents and accidents that may happen at the workplace by following correct procedures and approved practices. It is essential training for both dealing with major and minor injuries, and instructs candidates on the correct approach to take with casualties in order to keep them calm and relaxed. This online training takes a clear but systematic approach as it guides candidates through the steps required to assess a situation and choose the correct outcome. The course was designed by first aid professionals and developed to be an intuitive learning platform with each element of the training flowing from one module to the next.

It is essential that a person who has at least achieved basic first aid skills, takes charge and deals with an incident or situation at the workplace. Without basic first aid knowledge, people can do more harm than good, so having this knowledge and knowing how to prioritise and delegate duties can be life-saving in some situations. The skills you learn during this first aid at work course, will give you the confidence and knowledge to act swiftly when needed and help you to calm and reassure casualties. The knowledge you learn won’t just stop at treating casualties for minor burns or injuries, it will also help you document incidents in an accident book, keep first aid supplies up to date and deal with the emergency services if required.

  • To teach first aiders the importance of the recovery position and when to use it.
  • To give candidates good foundation knowledge on first aid at work.
  • To teach candidate how to open airways and treat breathing problems.
  • To teach a candidate how to apply dressings, treat burns, eye injuries, head injuries and crush injuries.
  • To let candidates, know the do's and don'ts of basic first aid at work.
  • To teach a candidate about automated external defibrillators, fractures, breaks and dislocations.
  • To teach a candidate about choking, abdominal trauma, the Heimlich manoeuvre, drowning and the effects and treatments for extreme heat or cold.
  • To teach a candidate about seizures, allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock.
  • To show how to deal with bites, stings and rashes.

The main benefit of this first aid at work online training is to protect staff, to the best of your ability in the event of an accident. It will help you understand the regulations for first aid at work, and teach you how to address an incident from the scene and primary survey, through to the secondary survey, treatment and recording events.

  • It's online 24/7.
  • It's accessible on all devices, including mobiles and iPads.
  • We have an 85% first time pass rate.
  • We give you unlimited access to the course material and free resits if you fail any of the modules.
  • On completion of the course, each successful candidate receives a Certificate of Training, available as an instant download.

Assessment and Training Certificate

For ease of use the training course is split into three modules with a Q&A multiple choice section at the end of each module.

The training certificate will not qualify you as a first aid professional as to attain this level of qualification you will need to undertake practical training that involves at least 18 contact hours.

Your employer's assessment of first aid needs will determine if you require practical training on top of this online course.

The pass rate for each module is 85% and you have to pass each module to move onto the next.

If you don't pass a module first time, you are given as much access to the course material as you need in order to meet the required standard.

Your first aid at work certificate is valid for three years.

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