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Course last updated: Feb 2024

From just £4.99, gain a nationally recognised certificate with HSE Docs’ Level 1 Food Safety course - ideal for anyone who handles pre-packaged foods and uncooked fruit and vegetables.

At £9.99 for an individual course, £6.49 if you buy 10 or more, and just £4.99 for bulk orders of 50 or over, you won’t find better value elsewhere.

Course duration: Between 1 ½ and 2 ½ hrs depending on learning speed.

Course format: Three video training modules, with a multiple-choice section at the end of each module.

Entry Requirements: Anyone can complete this course, whether they have previous experience or not.

This course is suitable for you If you do not directly handle high-risk foods, such as shellfish, prawns, crabs, cooked meat, and poultry, or any unwrapped food except for fruit and vegetables.

For instance, employees who work in bars, food banks, front-of-house employees, and retail stores, as well as food delivery drivers and riders.

If you work in a cafe, chip shop, restaurant, fast food outlet, mobile catering unit, hotel kitchen, hospital kitchen, school kitchen, college kitchen, or outdoor cooking events, then you will need to complete a Level 2 Food Hygiene certificate.

Upon completion of your online food safety course, your training certificate will be valid for three years. It is recognised by both local authorities and environmental health officers and counts towards your food hygiene rating.

All successful candidates are entered on the national training register and certificates can be verified by employers or others to prove that they are genuine, by clicking Validate a Certificate and typing in the certificate number.

Download a free food hygiene poster for your workplace here.

Overview of HSE Docs Level 1 Food Safety Certificate Course

Our Level 1 Online Food Safety course adheres to the current national curriculum.

Our Level 1 Online Food Safety course adheres to the current national curriculum. The course not only covers what a level-one food handler needs to know, but also educates on how food may become unsafe before packaging or serving. However, it's important to note that the questions at the end of each module only relate to the handling of prepackaged goods, fruits, and vegetables.

The learning topics covered in this HSE course include:

  • Personal and workspace hygiene.
  • Risk assessment and control measures.
  • Temperature control and its importance.
  • Cross-contamination risks.
  • Food hazards and how to avoid them.

Personal and workspace hygiene emphasises the significance of cleanliness and the potential repercussions of not meeting the required standards to ensure food safety.

The section on risk assessments shows how and why to evaluate risks within a food environment, as well as how to implement control measures to lessen or eradicate risks that may present themselves.

The section of the course that discusses the importance and relevance of temperature control in storing or cooking highlights that it is a precise science. It must be strictly followed to prevent potential risks that may occur if overlooked.

The potential for poisoning to materialise if cross-contamination between different foodstuffs ensues is extremely feasible, and this section deals with all aspects of possible cross-contamination.

The final section deals with how to avoid hazards using HACCP (Hazard, Analysis, Critical, Control, Point) to record, monitor, and reduce probable risks.

Our Level 1 online Food Safety certificate is recognised by local authorities, Environmental Health Officers, and counts towards your Hygiene Rating, which you can find out more about in our latest blog - ‘Your Guide To Food Hygiene Ratings’

  • Instant access and ongoing support throughout your HSE course
  • Conforms to UK and EU legal requirements.
  • 24/7 online access to level 1 Food Safety course materials.
  • Food Safety course content is accessible on all devices, including mobiles and tablets.
  • 85% first-time pass rate.
  • Unlimited access to the training material and free resits if you fail any of the Level 1 Food Safety modules.
  • Certificate of Training available as an instant download upon successful completion of the Online Level 1 Food Safety course

If you work in the retail or hospitality industry and handle food, it is essential that you hold a Level 1 Food Safety Certificate. This certificate demonstrates that you possess knowledge about the proper ways to handle food and the environment in which it should be prepared. Our exclusive food safety training teaches you the fundamentals of good practices and is available on all platforms. You can take the training at your own pace.

The Level 1 Food Safety online course presents principals and learning objectives in an easy-to-follow manner suitable for all learners. Candidates will learn about the importance of:

  • Understanding best practices when handling foods, being able to identify hygiene hazards and implement control measures.
  • Understanding safe storage temperatures, cooking temperatures, and which temperatures and conditions fall in the danger zone.
  • Understanding the importance of personal and workstation hygiene.
  • Understanding the industry regulations with regard to preparing, cooking, and handling food safety.
  • Understanding the legal obligations of food handlers.
  • Understanding contamination and food poisoning.
  • Understanding waste management, pest control and safe working environments.
  • Understanding how and why the correct cleaning process should be carried out.

This HSE Food Safety certificate course is designed for food handlers who work in retail or hospitality but do not prepare or cook food. It meets the legal training requirements for employers and employees.

Our online Food Safety course will cover all legal obligations to undertake adequate training for food safety and hygiene and has a nationally recognised certificate.

The learning objectives covered in this training include:

  • Personal and workspace hygiene.
  • Risk assessment and control measures.
  • Temperature control and its importance.
  • Cross-contamination risks.
  • Hazards and how to avoid them.

The Level 1 Food Safety certificate has become the industry norm, as it demonstrates that your staff has received current training. This certificate fulfils the legal obligations and duties that a food establishment has to staff and customers and contributes to your company's FSE rating.

The primary objective of food safety training is not just to comply with regulations, but to ensure that all employees comprehend the significance of the food safety course material and are completely cognizant of their obligations and duties when handling and preparing food items.

Upon completion of this HSE Docs Food Safety course, you will gain full competency in:

  • Best practices to use and implement when handling food.
  • Identifying hygiene hazards and implementing relevant control measures, including HACCP. Find out more about the importance of HACCP in one of our recent food safety blogs.
  • Understanding the reason for safe temperature controls for storage and cooking.
  • Knowing how to avoid foods being in the temperature danger zone and why it should be avoided.
  • Understanding the importance of personal and workstation hygiene and hygiene controls.
  • Knowing the industry regulations with regard to handling food safely.
  • Understanding how and what food poisoning and contaminants are, as well as the effect these can have on consumers.
  • Understanding the importance of hygiene with respect to waste management, pest control and safe working environments.
  • Understanding their moral and legal responsibilities to the employer and consumer, including when to undertake risk assessments.

Level 1 Food Safety course certificates unofficially expire after three years as this is the accepted industry standard. However, there is no legal limit on the length of the training. It is recommended to renew your Level 1 Food Safety course every few years to keep up-to-date with the latest regulations and practices.

The duration of a food safety course depends on various factors, including the level of the course, the provider you choose, and the course format. Our level 1 Food Safety program is a comprehensive online course that takes about 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours to complete. If you opt for face-to-face training or higher-level courses, the duration will be longer.

The amount of food safety training you need will be based on various factors, primarily your job responsibilities and daily duties. This is in line with EC Regulation 852, which specifies that your food safety training should match your job role. To help you determine the level of food safety training required in a work setting, we've created a useful guide.

Food Hygiene Level Guide
Front of House & Wait Staff Level 1
Porter & Assistants Level 1
Line Cooks Level 2
Kitchen Managers & Supervisors Level 3
Restaurant Owners or Ops Managers Level 4

For ease of use, the HSE Docs food safety course is split into three modules with a Q&A multiple-choice section at the end of each module.

The pass rate for each module is 85% and you have to pass each module to move onto the next.

If you don't pass a module first time, you are given as much access to the course material as you need in order to meet the required standard.

Once you have completed the course, you will have instant access to your training certificate which is recognised by Environmental Health Officers and local authorities.

Your Level 1 Food Safety certificate is valid for three years.

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