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What Do LITE and TILE Stand For in Manual Handling?

TILE, LITE, and TILEO are all acronyms commonly used in the context of manual handling, but what do they mean? In this article, our HSE experts discuss the TILE and LITE acronyms, and how they are used to ensure we carry loads without injury to ourselves and others.

What does TILE stand for in manual handling? TILE stands for Task, Individual, Load, and Environment. They are used to assess the risks before a manual handling task is undertaken.

Task - nature of the task at hand

Individual - abilities of the people completing the task

Load - characteristics of object to be handled

Environment - nature of the area where task is to be performed

What does LITE stand for in manual handling? LITE, sometimes also referred to as TILE, stands for Load, Individual, Task, and Environment. The acronym encourages you to look at and assess the risks in those four main areas before a manual handling task is carried out. 

Read on to find out more about the meaning of TILE and LITE, when they are used, and other common manual handling expressions.