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Necessity of Slips, Trips and Falls Training in Today's Workplaces

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common causes of workplace accidents, accounting for over a third of all injuries reported yearly, as per the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). As an employer, it’s not just about training your staff to walk in a straight line without falling over. It's about empowering them with the knowledge of potential dangers and how to avoid them. This proactive approach significantly reduces accident rates and encourages staff to report hazards like frayed carpets or a damaged step, making you a key player in creating a safer work environment.

The definition of a slip is inadequate friction between footwear and surface, leading to the foot sliding away from a person's centre of gravity. Trips occur when an individual's foot unexpectedly comes into contact with an object, causing them to stumble. Falls can result from either slips or trips and can vary in severity. The solution is simple: ensure the floor surface provides sufficient grip and remove anything a person can trip over. By doing so, we can prevent 180,000 workplace accidents from happening every year. It's a straightforward approach that can make a significant difference.