Single courses only £9.99 each
Ten or more courses at just £6.49 each
Fifty or more courses at an incredible £4.99 each

Discounted Food Hygiene Courses in the UK

Food hygiene courses play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals working in the food industry. These courses provide essential knowledge and skills to prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain correct standards of hygiene. And the great news is that we always strive to offer value for money giving everybody access to fair priced training and have additional discounts for bulk buying.

One of the most popular food training courses is the Level 2 Food Hygiene course, and HSEDocs offer this at a discounted rate with an intuitive user-friendly interface for distributing courses via our online learning platform. Not only do you get great quality discounted food hygiene courses, but you also get an admin panel where you can see which staff are taking the course and when. You can view staffs progress, view your purchase history and see completed or expired courses. And all of your staffs’ certificates are safely stored in your account.

We create animated courses with AI voices and text that exactly mirrors the speech which is a great advantage to anyone who has English as a second language. We also use a mixture of diverse characters to reflect our multicultural society.