Cleaning Risk Assessment

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Our cleaners' risk assessment has been written and reviewed by trained health and safety professionals, which means you can have confidence that this document contains everything you need for a comprehensive risk review. By demonstrating outstanding levels of health and safety with the risk assessment for cleaners, you’ll improve your chance of winning tenders and generating new business.

As with all our documents, our risk assessments come in Word™ format and are available for instant download and use, and you only need to buy them once. We offer free updates to your document, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest HSE laws and legislation.

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What Does Our Risk Assessment For Cleaners Include?

Our cleaning risk assessment places a large focus on RSIs (Repetitive strain injuries), which are likely to affect any individual who carries out repetitive tasks. RSIs could lead to pain in various joints and muscle groups. To reduce the risk, you should:

  • Avoid forceful or repetitive tasks where possible
  • Ensure the work area is set up correctly
  • Avoid arching back or squatting for long periods
  • Avoid stretching and overreaching

Our risk assessment for cleaners also includes:

Cleaning Risk Assessment FAQs

Are Risk Assessments Carried Out For Cleaning Products?

Yes, you should carry out a risk assessment for cleaning products used during the job at hand. Specifically, the risks associated with each product and risk prevention should be reviewed.

To further deep dive into the risks associated with cleaning products and chemicals, you should complete a COSHH assessment for each product. You can find a comprehensive range of COSHH assessments for products like a solvent cleaner, multi-surface cleaner and hand wipes on our website. 

How Often Should You Do a Cleaning Risk Assessment?

You should review your risk assessment at least once per year at a minimum. However, if certain circumstances have changed (for example, new equipment, or you are cleaning a new building), you should review and update your cleaning risk assessment sooner.



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