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This free COSHH Assessment Template comes in Word™ format. At the top of the first page, you can enter your company name and project details, and at the bottom, you can sign, print, and date it.

It’s fully editable, allowing you to write COSHH Assessments that are relevant and specific to your trade and industry.

COSHH stands for Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health, and most principal contractors and other organisations are requesting COSHH Assessments where health risks may arise from employees coming into contact with hazardous substances.

You may think of substance risks as poisonous, such as Arsenic, or substances that cause immediate harm with skin contact, such as Sulphuric Acid. This, however, is not the case.

The HSE, CDM contractors and principal contractors such as local authorities, hospitals, schools and housing associations ask for comprehensive RAMs, including COSHH documents.

Furthermore, they want you to identify the hazards and assess the risks of substances that your company uses by using a COSHH Assessment Template for products such as Decorators caulk, silicone, cement, paint, detergents, bleach, expanding foam, grab adhesive, furniture polish etc. The list goes on.

You may think that something like cement or paint is low risk and doesn’t merit you using this free COSHH Assessment Template to make an assessment. Still, let's look at the free template. We can see several considerations for each substance that need to be considered, including what to do if there’s an accidental spillage and the substance's firefighting measures.

This free COSHH Assessment Template not only tells us if the substance used is hazardous to health but also to the environment, if it’s corrosive, toxic, or explosive, if there is a work exposure limit, or if the substance can be used in confined spaces. It also details the health risks and first aid.

As you learn how to use this free COSHH Assessment Template, you will see the reason for it so that principal contractors can know that you have a complete understanding of the substances and products you use.

We hope you found this free COSHH Assessment Template and the accompanying tutorial useful. However, if you need further advice, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, or COSHH Assessments, you can either use the search box near the top of the page or browse our categories on the left-hand side. Of course, if you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch.



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