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Course last updated: Feb 2023

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Slips, trips and falls is an online health and safety course teaching how to identify risks and prevent slips, trips and falls at the workplace by eliminating hazards.

At £9.99 for an individual course, £6.49 if you buy 10 or more, and just £4.99 for bulk orders of 50 or over, you won’t find better value elsewhere.

Course duration: Between 45 minutes and 1 1/4 hrs depending on learning speed.

Course format: Three video training modules, with a multiple-choice section at the end of each module.

On completion your training certificate is valid for three years, and is recognised by local authorities and corporate employers throughout the UK.

All training certificates can be verified by employers or others to prove that they are genuine, by clicking Validate a Certificate and typing in the certificate number.

Slips, Trips and Falls Course Overview

Educating your employees on slips, trips and falls helps to change attitudes and can make them realise the severity of the problem, and how certain hazards can easily be avoided.

People are pretty good at walking, and on flat, even surfaces we are unlikely to trip or slip. Yet amazingly, over 30% of all reported workplace injuries are a direct consequence of a slip, trip or fall. In this training course we address the common issues that are the main sources of most slips, trips and falls.

  • Our popular online training course looks at slips, trips and falls in the workplace, and has several walk-through scenarios where we look at causes and preventative measures.
  • We teach people how to spot and assess risks, stress the importance of understanding that a risk left in place is a potential accident waiting to happen, and how to act upon risks that they find.
  • Focus is put on the introduction of control measures that will help prevent or minimise the probability of dangerous occurrences being realised.
  • Consideration is given to the importance of clear routes that are not obstructed with cables, delivery packages or other objects.
  • Importance is placed on the routine maintenance for floor coverings, steps and artificial lighting.
  • This online slips, trips and falls course will teach staff the difference between an environmental hazard such as frayed carpet, and a personal hazard, such as running down stairs.
  • It will teach staff the importance of relevant and key elements of the Health and Safety at Work Act, The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.
  • It will let staff, know what their responsibilities are and the benefits achieved if all members of staff commit to an employer’s health and safety objectives.

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  • Available online 24/7, across all devices
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Over 30% of all workplace incidents that conclude in a fatality or personal injury were the direct result of a slip, trip or fall. Our slips, trips and falls training course is essential for all people in the workplace.

We’ve all seen a damaged floor tile, frayed carpet or a stairwell where a light bulb needs replacing, yet how many of us have acted on it? How many of us have thought it would be trivial to report a frayed piece of carpet by an entrance door? After all, everyone can see the damaged carpet and simply step over it. Except the delivery man who’s carrying a package and concentrating on where to go once he’s through the door. The delivery man trips on the frayed carpet and falls resulting in a broken elbow.

To prevent this accident, all it would have taken was for someone to realise the potential that frayed piece of carpet had to cause harm, and this is what this our slips, trips and falls course is all about.

Whatever training a person receives can never guarantee that they will not slip, trip or fall, but our training course will make them see the potential dangers of leaving a hazard in place, and hopefully encourage them to be more proactive in reporting hazards.

Our slips, trips and falls online course is primarily concerned with preventing workplace injuries that are the consequence of a slip, trip or fall, by educating employees in common causes of workplace accidents and preventative measures.

  • Our slips, trips and falls course will help employees single out common risks and hazards associated with slips, trips and falls.
  • It demonstrates how to assess risk and report safety concerns to the right person.
  • It gives relevant injury statistics so that candidates grasp what may happen if a hazard’s left in place.
  • Our course makes attendees aware that although they might know about a hazard, the next person that comes along might not, and could end up hurting themselves.

How many times have you, slipped or tripped in your lifetime? So many times, it’s impossible to remember them all. We trip on uneven paths or catch our feet on plinths we didn’t see, yet most times, we don’t fall over or suffer an injury. Some scenarios are more prone to slips, trips and falls than others with some examples including: walking on snow or ice, or a floor contaminated by grease or water.

Preventing accidents at work is about education and training. Helping people to stop the ‘walk on by’ attitude and do something about potential hazards that they spot. Making people aware of higher risk situations and control measures that can be implemented to reduce the risk.

It’s not really about an individual being aware of a hazard, it’s that someone else might not be aware of the hazard. By removing the hazard or making others aware, the likelihood of an accident is significantly reduced. This approach alongside selecting suitable footwear, floor coverings and environmental factors including lighting and housekeeping is the key approach to stopping slips, trips and falls.

For ease of use the training course is split into three modules with a Q&A multiple choice section at the end of each module.

The pass rate for each module is 85% and you have to pass each module to move onto the next.

If you don't pass a module first time, you are given as much access to the course material as you need in order to meet the required standard.

Once you have completed the course, you will have instant access to your training certificate which is recognised by Environmental Health Officers and local authorities.

Your Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training certificate is valid for three years.

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