Online Asbestos awareness Course.
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This course recognises national training requirements for asbestos awareness under regulation 10 of CAR and gives candidates a bedrock knowledge of why they should never disturb any asbestos containing materials.

Course duration: Between 1 ½ and 2 ½ hrs depending on learning speed.

Course format: Three video training modules, with a multiple-choice section at the end of each module.

On completion your training certificate is valid for one year and is recognised by local authorities and corporate employers throughout the UK.

All training certificates can be verified by employers or others to prove that they are genuine, by clicking Validate a Certificate and typing in the unique certificate number. The complex certificate background pattern and validation service we offer, deters people from using photo editing software to create forged certificates by changing names and expiry dates.

Course Overview

Why choose our award winning online asbestos awareness course for your training?

Unlike many online courses we have created our awareness course with the insistence that all images are from UK housing stock, and any props used are also British, such as the one penny coin which presents a representative comparison, showing the minute size of asbestos fibres compared to the coin they are placed on.

There are four distinct and purposeful objectives to this online training, and each of the primary objectives are presented to the candidates in a clear and precise way, with the order of the objectives being paramount to the learning process and end target. The four primary objectives for this online awareness course are:

  • To show how microscopic fibres can be and that the human body has no natural defence against such minute particles.
  • To explain some of the diseases and death rates caused by inhaling asbestos fibres.
  • To make candidates aware that it is a banned substance and that regulations should be used when working in all premises that were built before 2000.
  • To give a detailed pictorial section on common products people may find in the workplace, that contain asbestos.

Because this awareness training is designed to teach students with consideration to the four primary objectives mentioned above, in a very clear and concise way. Yet the structure of the training and its learning principles are the not stand-alone reason for selecting HSEDocs for your awareness training. This is designed training, that has the ability to reach out to all learners, and this really sets it apart from the competition. By designed training, we mean that it meets certain criteria that will engage all learners and be accessible to all.

Consider a student where English is their second language and they are being taught in a classroom environment. At any point, if they don’t understand a principle or description, they can raise their hand and ask the teacher. This can’t be done with online training , which is why the training had to be designed and delivered in a way that was accessible to all, regardless of ability.

Some considerations we give to delivering this online asbestos awareness course include:

  • Having text in an easy to read font, that is black on a light background with good contrast to make it accessible to people with visual impairments or that suffer from colour blindness.
  • Narration that mirrors that text so that people whose first language isn’t English, don’t have to struggle with two different contents.
  • Three different narrators for each module, to encourage learner engagement and memory retention.
  • The use of animated characters as teachers, so students are less likely to see these characters as coming from specific racial or social economic backgrounds, creating ethically sound online training, with no forms of discrimination or negative stereo types.
  • Online training that is succinct and to the point with no padding, but is delivered with a slow and clear narrative.
  • Content that reflects the legal training requirements and learning needs of the student.
  • Content that is current, up to date and references current legislation regarding asbestos awareness training.
  • An intuitive learning assessment at the end of each training module that comprises of relevant questions with multiple choice answers.
  • The ability to watch any learning module repeatedly, if a student fails any learning assessment.
  • An instantly downloadable certificate on successful completion of this awareness course, giving the student an instant reward for their accomplishment.

The law states that employers must ensure adequate information, instruction and training is given to all their employees liable to be exposed to asbestos, and that training is obligatory not just for tradespeople, but also for teachers, doctors, office staff and anyone else who works in a building that may contain asbestos.

If the building that you or your staff work in was built before the year 2000, awareness training is essential to make staff aware of what asbestos is and the unlikely places where it can be found.

This training course is not designed to qualify people to work with asbestos, but to make them aware of its dangers. It’s designed to show candidates its dangers and where they might find it so that they can avoid disturbing it at all costs.

  • The online course is designed to give employees awareness training in a way that they can relate to and to show them that our bodies have no natural defence against anything smaller than dust particles.
  • It gives candidates a basic understanding of the CAR 2012 regulations and tells the history of asbestos discovery in a light entertaining way.
  • It gives candidates a good foundation knowledge of what common ACMs look like and makes candidates aware of the minute size of the fibres.
  • It teaches the difference between a fibre and an strand and instils the importance of never disturbing acm's.
  • The course demonstrates to candidates how minute fibres are: There are a series of scale comparisons using everyday objects such as the thickness of a piece of clingfilm or the thickness of a £20 note compared to the width of a single asbestos fibre.
  • It teaches the importance of asbestos awareness training, which can’t be stressed enough, as it's is the biggest workplace killer, and all buildings built prior to 2000 will most likely contain ACMs.
  • Above all, this training course, instils the importance of never disturbing asbestos.
  • To make staff aware of how microscopic asbestos fibres can be, and that the human body has no natural defence against such minute particles.
  • To make staff aware of some of the diseases and death rates caused by inhaling asbestos fibres.
  • To make staff aware that asbestos is a banned substance and that the asbestos regulations should be used when working in all premises that were built before 2000.
  • To help staff identify what ACMs look like.
  • It's online 24/7.
  • It's accessible on all devices, including mobiles and iPads.
  • We have an 85% first time pass rate.
  • The course usually takes about an hour, depending on your learning speed.
  • We give you unlimited access to the course material and free resits if you fail any of the modules.
  • On completion of the course, each successful candidate receives a Certificate of Training, available as an instant download.

Assessment and Training Certificate

For ease of use the training course is split into three modules with a Q&A multiple choice section at the end of each module.

The pass rate for each module is 85% and you have to pass each module to move onto the next.

If you don't pass a module first time, you are given as much access to the course material as you need in order to meet the required standard.

Once you have completed the course, you will have instant access to your training certificate which is a nationally recognised certificate.

Your asbestos awareness certificate is valid for one year.

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