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What Are The Key Working At Height Rules? What You Need To Know.

This guide gives you the information to protect yourself or your workers when working at height. All the necessary information for Working At Height is in line with current regulations set in 2005 (WAHR) and is provided so you can do due diligence where you or your team could be at risk.

Understanding the key features that we have laid out for you in this guide could prevent you or your team from serious injury. Safely working at height and understanding key aspects of training and the regulations surrounding it, are crucial for many fields of work.

So, what are the Key Working At Height Rules?

The Key Working At Height Rules is based on common-sense guidelines for employers in assessing the professional competency of employees and the adequacy of equipment used. Height, surfaces, harnesses and tools all play a part in assessments, as does any possible risk of injury to the public.

So, what is Working At Height, and what are the key Working At Height rules put into place to help you and your employees be safe in the workplace? Found out more in HSE Docs’ comprehensive guide below.