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Food Safety: Fridge Storage & Maintenance

Running a food business might seem simple from the surface, but there are so many aspects to consider to ensure you comply with Food Standards. A big part of this is kitchen equipment. Fridges are essential to keeping foodstuffs safe, and reduce the change of cross-contamination, but do you know how to properly organise one?

In this article, our health and safety experts offer organisational advice, tips on maintaining your fridge to remain in line with current food safety regulations and food temperature guidelines.

So, how should you organise your fridge? Organise your fridge (from top to bottom) with this handy guide:

  1. Ready To Eat (dairy, baked goods, cooked meat and fish)
  2. Washed (washed fruit and vegetables)
  3. Unwashed (unwashed vegetables)
  4. Raw (meat, fish, and other ‘raw’ items like eggs)

Read on to learn more about maintaining the correct temperature, the four-hour rule, and your free fridge organisation chart.