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What is a Manual Handling Awareness Course

In essence a manual handling awareness course is training designed to promote workplace safety. The course teaches safe techniques which refers to the process of lifting, carrying, or moving objects by hand or bodily force. Improper manual handling techniques can lead to serious injuries such as musculoskeletal disorders and strains. Therefore, it becomes crucial for individuals and organizations to be aware of proper manual handling practices in order to prevent workplace accidents.

The term ‘manual handling’ encompasses a wide range of activities that involve physical exertion and it’s an essential part of many industries such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, warehousing, and transportation. Proper manual handling techniques not only ensure the efficient movement of goods but also reduce the risk of injuries among workers.

However, improper manual handling can have severe consequences. According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE), over one-third of all workplace injuries are caused by incorrect manual handling procedures. These injuries often result in lost workdays for employees and financial losses for organizations due to compensation claims and reduced productivity.

This awareness course is designed to give candidates knowledge of why correct manual handling is so important.