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This package is primarily for on site carpentry companies and not joinery shops

A complete H&S package for carpenters for just £65.00

An incredible 15 documents covering most aspects of carpentry health and safety based on our professional experience and our customers download trends.

All 15 documents have been compiled into a single 50-page electronic document, and buying these RAMS allows you to display the "Health & Safety Gold Standard Award" on your website. Letting clients, customers and contractors know that your H&S is current and up to date.

Health and Safety Gold Standard AwardNot only will your RAMS be current and up to date but they will stay that way, because as H&S changes we update this carpentry package to reflect new trends and laws.

You buy the carpenters H&S package once and it's yours for life to download as often as you need and each download will always be the most up to date version.

If you bought these documents individually they would cost you £135.00. 

Today you can have the carpenters RAMS for better than half price at just £65.00.

All you need to do is add your company details to the first page and your H&S package is ready to go.

This document is:

  • Recognised by local authorities
  • Recognised by principal contractors
  • Suitable for CDM sites
  • Approved by H&S managers

It increases your chance of winning tenders and has been written by trained health and safety professionals.

As with all our documents, this is in Word™ format and available for instant download. These are probably the only carpentry RAMS you'll ever need and once you buy and download this document, it’s yours for life to use over and over again.

Have a look at the table of contents below or view screenshots of the entire package HERE to see what you get for your money and what an incredible offer this carpentry package is for just £65.00. 

Table of contents:

  1.  Risk assessment for 1st and 2nd fix carpentry works.
  2.  Risk awareness for areas where asbestos could potentially be discovered
     Method Statements for:
  3.  Recommended fixing techniques into various sub structures
  4.  Roof timbers
  5.  Hanging doors
  6.  Kitchen fitting
  7.  Laminate flooring
  8.  Timber partitioning
  9.  Fencing
     COSHH Assessments for:
  10.  Contact adhesive
  11.  Decorators caulk
  12.  Expanding foam
  13.  Solvent free grab adhesive
  14.  Intumescent sealant
  15.  Silicone sealant

View screenshots of the entire package HERE

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